Hello my readers! I was lost somewhere because I have just began my summer holidays and I was on the way to my destination! I can`t believe I have one month off! Incredible feeling just not thinking about waking up early in the morning to get to my work.


I am OFFICIALLY beginning the real summer break which usually starts with the flight to my home country- Poland. Normally every travel I make can`t be completed without adventures on the way not necessarily the ones I am looking forward to. This time was exactly the same but luckily everything is over. I am in Poland enjoying my really deserved holidays.

When it comes to tickets, they were quite expensive. Well, not QUITE expensive but REALLY expensive. Β£300 it`s not the best deal considering the fact I was flying with cheap airlines. Summer season means really high prices of the tickets and comparing Β£40 (out of season) to Β£300 right now the difference is quite big.

Luckily (or not) I had a ticket for the evening flight which means I could have nice morning at home without early start or even sleeping in the airport. Unfortunately when something sounds too good, in my case it`s the silence before the thunder.

That day in the morning I went to do the last shopping before the journey. The weather was amazing, beautiful sunshine and a nice warm day. I thought: ​​Ideal day I wish I wouldn`t have to go today.` I came back home, finished packing and I was ready to go to the airport.

Having the last sips of my tea I thought: `Wow, finally I can go without any problems at all. Everything is packed, tickets printed and I have still soo much time to go to the airport`. Probably that time my thoughts were heard and someone decided to punish me for too positive thinking.


I had only put the empty cup away… Suddenly the dark clouds came from nowhere and the beautiful weather was only a sweet memory. From that moment on everything started to be wrong. It was not only cold and dark but also the clouds were pouring the waterfalls out of them. I don`t live far from the station so I decided to walk there. I wanted to take an umbrella and go but I realized then that my umbrella ended up in the bin last time so I had none. Waterfall from the sky and me walking to the station with the scarf on my head. Perfect…


I had the feeling that my hand bag weights 100 kilos and after few steps my arm was begging for a break. Finally I arrived to the tube station. Such a relief but…not for long. I got there just to read the information: ` Due to engineering works the station is closed`. I couldn`t believe my eyes.


I was soaking wet because the rain didn`t want to stop and already tired because my bag was really heavy. It was the time to look for the replacement service. I went to the closest bus stop just to realize that my bus has just departed. I could still see its back and how fast it`s moving away. That moment I really wanted to cry. The next bus wasn`t coming too soon and I was wasting lots of time moving from the place A to the place B, C, D…

I thought I couldn`t be any wetter but I was wrong. Some drivers forget about the pedestrians especially when the roads are covered with enormous puddles. Obviously I was the lucky one who had to be splashed by the dirty water from the puddle because the veeeeeeeeeeeeery nice driver forgot to slow down. I want to say a big THANK YOU! Β 


Wet, tired, furious I got in the bus, train and finally coach which COULD take me to the airport. I was lucky to find the coach in literally the last moment. The driver was ready to depart. When I sat down I thought: `I am going to the airport! Yes!`Β 


The traffic was horrible. Getting outside London took ages and I didn`t really have much time left. Summer time is the best time for any kind of road works that`s why the cars were not moving too fast. Checking the time I was stressing myself. I didn`t want to think that I could miss my flight. I already spent lots of money on the tickets and I wasn`t planning to do it again.

Once we got out of London the driver could speed up and the delay wasn`t that bad. When I left the house I had so much time before my flight. I was planning to be in the airport much earlier so I could have a nice relaxing dinner before the journey. Considering all the events in between I simply run out of time and the great plan was ruined. Luckily I had enough time to get some food and cup of tea from PRET. At least I wasn`t hungry.


Sitting in the plane I realized that the life can be really mean sometimes. I normally have a nap or read a book during my flight but none of that was possible. The child behind me was not only shouting and crying all the time but also kicking my chair without stopping. She was like possessed not even mentioning the crazy mother next to her. I was begging for the flight to be finished. After landing my head was twice as big and I felt like the ride on the broken roller coaster was finally over.


The city where I landed wasn`t the final destination. I only had to take a train and everything would be done. Unfortunately the last train was in 5 min and I knew I won`t have enough time to take it. The next one was at 5 am and it was only midnight. Checking the best options I decided to stay in the airport. At least I had access to the toilet, food and free WIFI. Night in the airport yeaaaah!

3 am time to go to the train station. My great disappointment when the driver tells me that he is actually not going to the train station and I need to CHANGE. I thought: `Is it really happening?`

Middle of the night and I need to change?! Without even knowing where I am I was waiting for the next bus. 20 min and the bus will be here. Standing there I was looking around trying to stay calm. No one around, only me, darkness and silence. In the moment like this my imagination started working on the full speed and I was only waiting when someone will jump out of nowhere like in the horror movie.


The longest minutes of my life were over and I was finally in the bus. I only wanted to make sure the bus goes to the train station when the driver started shouting at me complaining that I don`t know this information. I am really sorry for asking but not everyone learns the bus routes. I didn`t say anything just looking for a place to sit down. Too tired and too angry I won`t waste my time for unprofessional driver`s behaviour.


5 am I got into the train. Finally everything is over and I can take a deep breath. After 1 h I am in the place where I wanted to be. 24 h without sleep can be really tiring. I can finally have a rest and relax. Silence, me and comfortable bed. No time and no energy for any explanations. I closed my eyes and I fell asleep. That was a really long journey.


Writing it now everything seems to be so funny and unreal. I was really furious and hopeless that day and with every hour things were getting worse and worse. It doesn`t matter now as I am enjoying my summer and this kind of horrible journey which is the past makes the wide smile on my face. At least I have something to remember πŸ˜€ I wish I could have different kind of memories and I really don`t ask for more adventures that kind but I know it`s definitely not the last one.

What about you? When you travel have you got any funny or horrible situations? I am sure or I hope I am not the only one and I really want to know some other stories. Let me know if you do have something to share.

PS. I wish you don`t really have too many bad moments.

Poland today is like sauna. Right now the temperature shows 35 C. If you are looking for a hot and beautiful country you know where to come. ^^

All the best

Caroline xx



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