Why this famous market is so popular not only among tourists but also among Londoners? Every time when I go there it`s honestly overcrowded. What makes so many people to go there ? Well…probably because there is everything.


It doesn`t really matter if the weather is great or raining so badly. Everyone will find something interesting to do. If you are a tourist…perfect then. Look around, buy some souvenirs, explore this beautiful part of London. If you are a local…perfect too! Grab some coffee, listen to the street performances or enjoy your shopping.


What is a Portobello Market? As the name suggests obviously a market but not a usual one as you may think. Diversity of this place is unique that`s why works like a magnet for so many people bringing crowds every single day.


Located in one of the richest districts in London it does not only look stunning but also spreads the special atmosphere. Surely paradise for photographers offering one of the best photo shoots in London. Colourful buildings and beautiful architecture present really well on every picture and the market stalls full of thousands of things are inspiration not only for professional photographers but also bloggers and tourists.


Great choices when it comes to clothes. You will find exclusive and expensive brands as well as cheap and original items. Old coins, maps, jewellery, antiques, furniture… the list goes on and on. Its hard to believe that everything is located in one place. Street performers are quite a usual thing to see which definitely makes your experience even greater. If you love tapas that`s the right place. You will find many Spanish restaurants serving tapas and much more. When it comes to food you won`t be hungry for sure. Even if you are really fussy about the food there are plenty of places to choose from. Italian, Jamaican, Spanish, English…burgers, paellas, pizzas…all covered. Well, the last option could be even sandwich from Sainsbury`s which is there as well.


What really attracts is its orginality. Many shops offer really creative and original products with possibilities to customize them such as trainers with own designs, clothes with unique prints, gadgets, kitchen equipment and so on and so on. Everywhere you go, every street you turn into will surprise you with the diversity of this place.


My favourite place is surely the one with the old books and vinyl records. Digging in the boxes you will find real treasures. Not only the old items but also unique and precious ones for really few money.


Visiting Portobello Market is worth going a bit further stepping away from crowded streets of market into quiet residential area. As I said before the district is considered as one of the most wealthy districts in London that`s why it`s worth seeing all these beautifully looking buildings with their very great surroundings. Normally the area is very peaceful far from crowds which lets you enjoy it and take pictures without anyone queuing behind you or getting in your way.


Every time I visit Portobello Market I sit down listening to street performances munching my donut from the local shop and stopping by for a nice cup of coffee. Obviously shopping is a must as well or at least checking the shops and the new arrivals.


I just love the places which are so different from the others. Probably that`s is the reason why the market became so popular. What about your favourite markets to visit? Have you got any special ones where you like coming back?

Have a good evening everyone!

Lots of love

Caroline xx



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