I always thought that actually football is a sport number 1 and the real obsession in England. Unfortunately or fortunately I was wrong.

I don`t know if these things happened only in London but the atmosphere was incredible. Obviously I am talking about Wimbledon tournament which officially started on 3rd July finishing just the last Sunday.

We all know that football has really large community of supporters. During the football matches pubs are full of people dressed in the uniforms of their favourite teams which they support. What happened during Wimbledon tournament was even greater and crazier than I would have thought. Not only pubs were super overcrowded. Not only fans were everywhere but also the spirit of the game and people were amazing. There were many places decorated in beautiful tennis related themes, big outdoor screens where people could gather together and watch the events sharing moments with others and… enormous traffic leading all the way to WIMBLEDON.

I can`t really say a lot when it comes to tennis as I am not the expert in that kind of sport however it was great to go there and see that amazing place with even more amazing people.

Season doesn`t last too long probably that`s why everyone tries to make the most of it. It was insane how many people came to watch the game or even celebrate the success of their favourite players.

Magical experience in magical place. I personally love Wimbledon as a beautiful part of London itself. If you want to know a bit more about Wimbledon and its interesting places go and check my previous post:


You can find there some photos and ideas what to do and see once you areย in Wimbledon.ย 

I hope you enjoyed the post and maybe you have your very own experience with tennis. Maybe you are one of these crazy fans who I met or maybe you were watching it somewhere in your house corners or maybe you even hate it. Let me know all about it ๐Ÿ™‚

See you soon!

Caroline xx



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