Today time for another place to check however this time it`s going to be something different and weird. Don`t worry obviously in a good meaning.

Being around Piccadilly and Leicester Square area I saw many people with good looking and very generous portions of dessert.

I decided to ask these random people where I could get the same…and that`s how I got into a recently opened BUBBLE WRAP WAFFLE. The place is located in China Town and that`s the full address: 24 Wardour Street, W1D 6QJ

I love waffles but I`ve never seen that kind of waffle in my life. The idea of creating something like that is really great which is easy to see simply looking at never ending queue. The place is a bit small so make sure you have enough time and patience to wait for this treat. It`s really worth it.

Obviously the main product is a waffle which has really weird and funny bubbly shape. All the rest depends on you. There is plenty of toppings to choose from. You can order a ready version of your bubble wrap (recommended from the shop) or just trust your imagination and create your very own one. Different flavours of ice-creams, fruits, sauces, nuts, sweets. Creating your own wrap you will pay separately for each ice scoop and toppings. Choosing the ready option you will only pay the price from the menu.

When it comes to ice-creams they are really tasty and creamy. I can easily say that fruits are fresh and prepared at the same time. Service was really good and considering the enormous queue outside the shop I have to say they do a good job. Maybe it`s not the cheapest waffle I`ve ever had ( mine was around £8.00) but the money was well spent.

If someone didn`t have breakfast savoury version with an egg and avocado would be perfect.

Every person coming out of the shop was taking many pictures probably sharing them on the social media. I am pretty sure Bubble Wrap Waffle is quite a popular place on Instagram so I would recommend checking some other great looking photos or… just going there in person.



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