June is a very special month when people from all around the world celebrate Queen`s 2nd birthday. Normally it takes place on Saturday the 2nd week of June. For many of us it`s a bit confusing `why the Queen has her birthday twice? It`s definitely not the fact that she was born twice. Nothing like this. Her real birthday which in this case the date when she was born is in April and to be accurate 21st April. That time she will normally spend her special day very privately far from crowds and media. The tradition of Trooping the Colur goes back probably to the year 1748. The weather in England is not the best. It can be really unpredictable and cold. That`s why the celebrations were moved for the warmer months to enjoy it even more. June is a perfect month which offers much warmer and enjoyable days. Probably that`s the reason why Queen Elizabeth chose it to celebrate her 2nd special day.

This year I was really lucky being able to take part in this lovely ceremony. The last few days were really hot and that Saturday wasn`t any different. I felt really sorry seeing all the guards dressed up beautifully wearning really warm and heavy uniforms. Even standing in the shade made me feel really hot and boiling not even mentioning poor guards being on the square such a long time where the heat was the worst. Surely it wasn`t easy job to do and because of the really high temperature some of them fainted.

The beginning of the ceremony was sad as the Queen wanted to commemorate all the people who have died recently in the tragic events. After 1 minute of silence Queen Elizabeth together with Duke of Edinburgh left the Buckingham Palace heading towards Horse Guards Parade. Although the temperature was really high lots of people came to cheer for the Queen who was going down the Mall.

The celebration was really special and if you ever have the chance to be that time in London please go and see it. The Corps of Army Music were prepared amazingly playing their music with the real perfection. Also foot guards and horse guards dressed in beautiful uniforms showed the great discipline and stringency which British Army has. It was a real pleasure watching it and seeing all the guards marching in a perfect order all together. Also horses were not only trained properly but they looked outstandingly well and neat. I am really happy that I was actually able to be there this year and believe me its not the same as sitting in front of a telly and watching it.

When everything came to the end the Queen together with Royal Family members went back to Buckingham Palace where from their special balcony they could watch Royal Air Force flypast. That was the last part of the celebration.

Seeing all the crowds which came there for Queen Elizabeth we can easily say that she is respected and much-loved monarch. She is not only special for people from here but also from other distant countries. Chatting with people I got to know that actually some of them are coming to London just for this famous celebration. The atmosphere was really unique and special and of course the most special person was Queen Elizabeth herself.

All the best dear Majesty!



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