I was planning my visit in Cinnabon bakery ages ago but as it always is we have thousand other things to do or see not really the things we plan. Every time when I was walking past the bakery the smell of cinnamon was so strong that I was craving for the cinnamon bun so badly.

Finally the last Saturday I got my very own cinnamon bun. It did not only look amazing but also taste the same way. As a chocolate lover I chose the chocolate version but obviously you can choose other options as well. Probably the most popular one is the standard cinnamon bun without any extra toppings.

All the pastry is heated on the special stand so when you buy it it`s still warm which makes them taste even better. Maybe the price is not the lowest one for example my chocolate treat cost Β£4.50 but it`s definitely worth trying it. The portion is quite big so if you are not really hungry I would suggest taking half/half with your friend.

The offer includes various cinnamon drinks as well such as coffees or hot chocolates which look really great. I think the place is worth checking out at least once because all these cinnamon treats are delicious. Normally served in the paper boxes which are easy to take away.

Don`t forget about plastic knife, fork and few napkins. I would not recommend eating with your fingers ( very sticky fun).


Caroline xx


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