Hello Hello!

Caroline is back! After a nice and long break in Poland time to go back to the routine. I still have 2 lovely days off until Monday so I can enjoy my break in here as well. I will definitely spend this time in a very relaxing way because last few weeks I was extremely busy.

Poland is very hot now so if anyone is planning to be there soon that`s a great time. Honestly I had around 30*C almost every day. 🌞

Any questions or recommendations about the places I am here to answer everything. I hope you are enjoying your weekend and see you tomorrow. New post about Gloucester will be there.

London is pretty hot too so time to get some ice creams. I am melting. 🍦🍨

See you tomorrow :*


2 thoughts on “SUMMER IS EVERYWHERE ^^

  1. Yeah, it’s summer!
    This week (from Monday to Thursday) wasn’t hot in Poland, unfortunately. It was raining a lot and it was cold. Luckily our Friday is nice! And the weekend is going to be sunny! πŸ™‚ I hope you and I will have beautiful weather during the summer! ❀

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