⏰ 5am. Time to wake up. I would normally complain about such an early start of the day. I am not an early bird but in this case I was really happy to do so. Another adventure was waiting for me so I put smile on my face and let`s go. 🚌

McDonalds on the way ^^


As always I left all the things for the last moment so I didn`t really have much time to sleep. Going to bed after 1am and waking up at 5 am wasn`t really the thing I planned. 4 hours of sleep is definitely not enough ( not for me) but no worries. Luckily I had a lovely long journey on National Express (London-Gloucester around 3hrs ) so that was a perfect time to charge batteries ^^. 😴

I woke up around 30 min before the final destination. In the mean time the coach was also stopping in Cirencester and Cheltenham which seem to be really great places as well. I was amazed by the surroundings and lovely green spaces in the area. Doing my quick research I found lots of nice places to see in there for example: Corinium Museum in Cirencester, great Town Hall in Cheltenham or Roman Villa in between. When you dig a bit more I am sure you can be surprised with other things you can explore in there. Having a car would be very useful as you can go around and see much more. I will remember for the next time ^^ πŸš—

When I finally arrived to Gloucester I was very surprised or even disappointed. I looked around and it wasn`t the view I quite expected. The bus stop wasn`t good looking at all. Everything seemed too old, dirty and untouched for a looooong time. I moved from there as quick as I could because staying there didn`t make me feel great. I really hoped the city was not going to be like that. 😱


While I was walking and looking around I was wondering if my trip was even worth all that effort and really early start. I arrived quite early. It was about 11am so there were not many people on the street. Actually I saw some but they were either homeless or drunk probably from the night before (FRIDDAAAAAY). I was slowly regretting coming there because I didn`t feel alright and safe in that place. I had really weird feelings. I`ve decided to have some nice hot drink and pastry to sit down and think what is my next step going to be. β˜•πŸ₯

I always feel much better after eating and it was the same that time. I got extra energy and motivation as well as positive attitude. I made my plan and moved towards the city centre. I got to the Eastgate Street and from that moment on my day started to be great… πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

What did I see and what did I do in Gloucester? Was it actually worth going there? All the answers and much more coming soon! Don`t miss it out!

It`​s raining horribly in London and it doesn`t look like it wants to stop. Never mind! Plants need to grow and we are not made of sugar. I am not going to stay sitting I can do something productive instead. For example book a ticket for another adventure ^^

Have a lovely productive and happy day! See you soon!Β  xx



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