Buy a ticket and go 🕶👣👜


Hello my lovely readers!

I hope you are doing great and your weekend is going to be great too! I am just relaxing on the sofa having nice cosy Friday evening at home. I need to charge my batteries because tomorrow super early in the morning I am heading off for another adventure. I am going to Gloucester ^^ 🇬🇧

I feel like I`ve been travelling a lot for the last few weekends and it makes me so happy because I am not wasting my time lying down in front of the telly complaining about the weather ( which is still not the best) and I am getting to know so many things exploring different places and obviously meeting new people. There is not a better way of knowing the world than travelling. It teaches you a lot and you enjoy it so much. I was so lucky to spend wonderful time in ✅Canterbury then ✅Birmingham then ✅Cambridge and now (hopefully) ✅Gloucester.

I am really happy to share my experience with you and new posts are on their way. Let me know which of these 4 cities you would be interested in the most. I will try to answer all of your questions and if I don`t know the answer I will find it out 😛

And now I am coming back to my yummy cheese cake and hot chocolate. I love treating myself 😋. Have wonderful Saturday and Sunday. I am waiting for your messages. Thanks a lot and see you soon xx


2 thoughts on “Buy a ticket and go 🕶👣👜

  1. Aww, I’m happy that you travel a lot! It’s great 🙂 I’m waiting for your posts about the trips!
    What do you think about Cambridge? Is it attractive? Did you see the university? *Question attack, ha ha ha*

    Have a nice weekend ❤

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