Crazy Friday-Bargain Shopping Haul


Sun was shining again! Yuuupi! I`ve got enough of these dark and cold days. Spring came time ago but where is it? Everyone wants to put winter clothes away and get into a real spring mood. Today although a bit chilly I couldn`t complain too much because we had a beautiful sunshine. It gives me lots of energy and charges my batteries so well that I am able to do thousands of things. I finished my job and went off looking for spring ideas ^^

I ended up shopping…

First stop-ice cream. Why not? I don`t remember when was the last time I could enjoy an ice cream outdoors! Today was that day.Yuuuum! It was delicious!

I decided to change my room a bit so I am gathering little things to make it nicer and cosier. I started with this lovely candle wild orchid&honey. It smells nice and sweet but its not a very strong scent. Gentle and pleasant just how I like. Β£2.00 PRIMARK


Spring/Summer is coming so I always do cold drinks or cocktails. These great ice cubes have just stollen my heart. I love the vibrant colours and their fruity shapes. Could be great for children as well as grown ups. Ideal thing for parties. I can`t wait to use them πŸ™‚ Β£1.50 PRIMARK


I love body mists and this one smells soooo good. It`s something between vanilla and coconut but much much nicer. Really big bottle and the price…only Β£1.00 POUNDLAND


I love reading and I feel like I didn`t really have time to do it. Always busy running from place to place. Because the weather is getting better I can sit on the bench in the park and sink into my book world. `The Blue Door` seems to be a good book based on a true story so I am really looking forward to start reading it. Β£1.00 POUNDLAND

Every time when I have magazine `Glamour` in my hands I really enjoy its stories and content so I decided to get it again. Β£1.00 any place


I love baking muffins and they are always so easy to make. These cupcake cases look very sweet. Aren`t they? Β£1.00 POUNDLAND


My memory has started to be lazy very recently but luckily these bright coloured notes will help me not to forget that much πŸ˜› Β£1.00 POUNDLAND


I have so many photos to print out and I am trying to get nice frames for them. I think this one looks nice and I can put more than 1 photo in there. Β£1.00 POUNDLAND


I never spend fortune when it comes to make up and things like that. That`s why I bought these in Poundland and I don`t think they are any worse than expensive brands. Lovely colours, price and what`s the most important they dry really fast. Perfect. And the cuticle oil just to make everything looks better. Β£1.00 each POUNDLAND


My lips are always dry no matter what season we have. ALWAYS! So seeing all these lovely lip balms in the store made me think of having some. So instead of 1 I took…4. Not quite right as I planned πŸ˜› I think Β£1.60 each however not sure BOOTS


And I bought a ticket to Cambridge ^^ Although I feel like I am catching a cold I won`t give up. Home remedies are always working well so I will be fine. No matter what I am going to Cambridge anyway.

My weekend is going to be great (even if the weather spoils everything) and I hope yours too! Have a lovely one! Let me know if you have any plans or ideas πŸ˜€

Thank you for all the support I get from you. It gives me an extra motivation to do things. I really appreciate it a lot! Take care and see ya!


2 thoughts on “Crazy Friday-Bargain Shopping Haul

  1. Aww, lovely post!! I love hauls ❀ *It means that you can often write hauls, ha ha* In Poland we also have nice weather today. It’s sunny and people are wearing T-shirts and some of teens have got shorts! Nobody is wearing coats. Yay! It’s spring! 🌼 Anyway, you bought really nice things. I like candles and this one which is yours looks nice for me 😊 Ice cubs are so amazinggggg!!! You bought cupcake cases… so are you going to make any muffins soon? Please, give me some of them, ha ha πŸ˜… I also love muffins! I have never seen watermelon or apricot/peach lip balms from Nivea in Poland. Are they good? Oh, why aren’t there so nice things in Poland like these things from UK…? It isn’t fair, ha ha. I have an idea! Send me a parcel from England with lovely things πŸ˜‚ Wow! You’re going to go to Cambridge! My aunt lives here and she works at the university. Please, take me to Cambridge! πŸ˜… You should definitely write a post about your trip to this place! I’m waiting for it 😊

    Have a beautiful, sunny weekend! ❀


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