Last weekend I didn`t really plan anything. No rush no stress just a very relaxing one as it should be. Very spontaneously I decided to explore Wimbledon area. The weather was really funny 5 minutes of rain and 5 minutes of beautiful sunshine but it didn`t really matter. I took umbrella, positive energy and headed off to Wimbledon.

I started walking…


and walking…


and walking…

DSC01273.JPGand walking…

DSC01275.JPGuntil I reached Wimbledon Common…


It was such a beautiful green space. Far from noisy streets and cars. The only noises you could actually hear were nature sounds: birds tweeting, beetles ticking, bees buzzing…just amazing.


I felt like in the middle of a forest surrounded by beautiful green trees and blooming flowers. It was such a pleasure to walk around and give your mind a nice rest and peace.



In the middle of that lovely green space you can see windmill and its museum (the entrance is free).


Very educative and interesting place which gives you a great knowledge about windmills and milling.


They have a collection of windmill models and other related things such as tools, equipment used and much more. Probably the most fun thing to do (not only for children) was grinding wheat which wasn`t that easy at all. You need to use your all strength to move the quern stone.


Also in this place Robert Baden- Powell wrote his very famous book `Scouting for Boys` which was a bestseller translated into many different languages. Using the ladder you can climb to (almost) the top floor of the windmill and explore a bit more looking around ( climbing up is easy the tricky bit is getting down again 😛 ).




I was really lucky to get a chance to see an amazing art exhibition in St. Mark`s Church. Seeing all these amazing paintings made me feel really jealous of the talent the people posses. I wish I could be even a bit as good as they are. I was really impressed with the technique used by one of the artist. So detailed and so perfect which seemed so real. All the paintings were for sale however for those who didn`t have that much money to spend was possible to get it on the postcard which was way cheaper. Obviously it`s not the same effect but better that than nothing.



This park is so beautiful and I think not too many people know about that place. It`s definitely underrated and it`s such a shame. I have never seen so many flowers in only one park.


Especially for the size of Cannizaro Park which is not that big at all. The lovely smell and vibrant colours of the flowers make you want to stay much longer. I liked every single bit of that place: Bird House, Fountain, thousands flowers, wide space, Rose Garden, Herb Garden, honestly everything.




Wimbledon Village is the place very recognisable when it comes to locals and tourists. It has lots of great restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques with very fashionable clothes. It looks like a little town where everyone knows each other and feels very comfortable strolling around.




Normally Post Boxes are red and that`s the colour which everyone expects to be… with tiny exception. Golden Post Box is definitely not so usual Post Box. It was changed and painted gold on behalf of this wonderful woman Sophie Hosking. Who was she? Not only the resident of Wimbledon but also Gold Medal Winner in 2012 Olympics. Obviously a great reason to be proud of.



The Library is quite big. It has a nice collection of books and there is lots to choose from. Studying area could be very helpful as well especially for students or people who are looking for a quiet corner. It can fit many people so no one needs to be really worried about the space. I was surprised how many magazines and newspapers they have. For those who speak Polish the library has special Polish collection which is a great advantage as well.


If you are bored of supermarkets selling same things all over again Framer`s Market is the place to see. You won`t only get something different but also something healthy. Organic meat, cheese or milk these are some of the things you can find in there. Depending on the season you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables as well as lovely bunches of flowers. The market is open only on Staurdays between 9am and 1pm so make sure you come on the right time.



Theatre like theatre but there is one thing which makes it so special. It`s the place mostly dedicated to children where they can not only see a play but also attend various courses and workshops. The offer is really interesting as children can attend drama classes, enjoy music sessions or use their creative skills attending arts and crafts workshops.



Look around and you will definitely find something for yourself. Wether it comes to the shopping, dinning or simply grabbing some coffee and cake. Walking down the streets I could see lots of nice places to have dinner in. Probably all sorts of food: Argentinian, Mexican, Italian, Chinese etc. If you are a fussy eater you shouldn`t have any problem to choose a place. Even having a coffee wouldn`t be problematic as coffee shops are all around (and I don`t mean only Costa or Cafe Nero).


The high street is full of lovely clothes shops, boutiques, charity shops, crafty ones and really much much more. You can`t be bored there for sure.



When you feel like going for shopping that`s the right place. Maybe it`s not the biggest shopping centre ever but it has enough to choose from. When you get really tired of all the shopping you can always move upstairs and chill in the eating area. They have lots of tables where you can sit and munch something.


Thai Buddist Temple probably one of the first in UK. Not many people know about that place. I could classify it as the hidden gem because is so beautiful and not so well known. I was able to see it only from outside which was still stunning. Unfortunately I was too late to enter because they close it quite early. I will definitely go there soon again because I cant wait to see the temple inside. It must be amazing.



Wimbledon is known mainly for the tennis tournaments which are probably the oldest in the world. You don`t really need to be a tennis fan to go there. I was amazed by the size of it which is enormous. All the complex is huge and it goes on and on.


You can also visit the museum and get some gadgets and souvenirs related to tennis and Wimbledon Court. The entrance to the shop is free however the museum requires a ticket. The price varies depending on the type of ticket you need to purchase ( example: adult £24). Maybe its not the cheapest one but for the people who are really into tennis shouldn`t be a problem.


If you want to get some information about the local area that could be a great place to go. Unfortunately I didn`t have that much time to enter but probably next time. The entrance is free and everyone is welcome to explore the history of Wimbledon. The museum is open only on the weekends so make sure you not planning your visit during week days.



If you have a dog, child or you want to have a moment for yourself that place would work very well. Dogs can run around, children can watch ducks and dig for treasure and you can just simply enjoy your time. Take a seat on the bench bring some picnic and listen to the sound of water.



Walking around Wimbledon is really pleasant. Especially when you go a bit further towards residential area. You can be really surprised with lovely houses and gardens people have in there. Feels like no one is on the streets and you can enjoy it even more. So peaceful and quiet I wish I could live there one day ^^


17.83 km by walking in 1 day! I am really shocked and impressed with myself 😀 Well done me ^^ That was a really lovely day 😀

Have a good lazy Thursday evening ( I definitely will! ).

See you soon :*



  1. Wow! Interesting post, I like it! 😊 You always write fantastic posts ^^ I want to visit Wimbledon! It seems nice and I’m sure that it’s nice also in reality 😉

    All the best! ❤


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