NOTTINGHAM-what is so special about you?

Hello from London!

Some of you know that already and some of you not yet. Last weekend I went to Nottingham to explore this very recommended city.


Nottingham is located approximately 206km away from London. It took me more or less 3hrs to get there by coach. Living in London is a big advantage because the connection between various cities around the UK is amazing.

I normally travel with National Express which has pretty good offers and frequency of coaches is really satisfactory. Obviously National Express is not the only company you can travel with. There are plenty other ones which you can choose from. I do travel with National Express quite often because it`s popular and that`s why the prices and timing are usually better.

If you want to spend more money and get there really quickly the other option could be a train which will take around 2hrs. However price differs a lot.

If you are not located any near by you can take a flight and luckily the airport is quite close to the city centre ( ~24km).

How about the weather?

Very, very, very unpredictable. English weather is quite funny and it can change every 5 minutes that`s why you need to be prepared for EVERYTHING. I normally carry my mini umbrella with me because even the rain can quite suprise you.

Whenever someone thinks about Nottingham the first thing which comes to our mind is Robin Hood. That legend is strongly linked with the city. There are many different stories whether Robin Hood was an actual person or only a made up legend. Some people believe that he actually did exist along with his band called Merry Men. He was a local hero with his great skills as an archer helping the poor. According to the legend Robin Hood lived in Sherwood Forest and the Major Oak Tree is claimed to be a place where he hid.


The legend affected the city a lot. I could say Robin Hood is probably considered as a local symbol and a main tourist attraction nowadays. During my walk around the city I could see many symbols associated with Robin Hood. It`s so popular that the city has even a special festival called The Robin Hood Pageant which takes place every single year in October. Obviously being in the city gives you the opportunity to get to know a bit more about this local hero. There are plenty of tours and story telling meet ups which help exploring the topic much more.


Luckily Robin Hood is not the only attraction to see in here because Nottingham offers much more than that.

If you wish to study in this city you could choose between 2 Universities:

-Nottingham Trent University

-University of Nottingham

They host more than 61.000 students which I think it`s pretty good.


When it comes to shopping centres Nottingham could be very proud of itself. I think according to the rankings Nottingham shopping centres are on a very good 7th place which is quite high. The main ones would be Victoria Centre which looks really nice from outside and inside. Especially when it gets dark and all the colourful lights are on. I spent there around 3 hrs moving from one shop to another. Very nice and very modern shopping centre. The other one is called the Broadmarsh Centre which has quite interesting outdoor decoration. DSC00965.jpg

I am not really into theatres so I won`t be the expert to recommend any but there are 2 large ones which looked really amazing to me: Nottingham Playhouse and the Theatre Royal. They are the main theatres in the city which are worth checking out even from outside not necessarily entering and buying a ticket for a show ( which could also be a great thing to do).


When you are a football fan you may find it interesting that Nottingham has 2 professional football clubs. First one is called Nots County and the other one Nottingham Forest. However football is not the only sports field the city could be proud of. Cricket Club, Rugby Team and ice sports are addition to the sport section.

Another super interesting fact is especially for Harry Potter fans. Nottingham was actually mentioned in the 5th novel written by J.K.Rowling. If you don`t really remember that`s the right sentence:

β€œI’m sure they’d never go over to You-Know-Who,” said Mr. Weasley, shaking his head. β€œThey’ve suffered losses too. Remember that goblin family he murdered last time, somewhere near Nottingham?”

Its not the end of Harry Potter fun yet. Some of the scenes from the final novel were actually shot it North Nottinghamshire.

If you think Quidditch only existed in the story you are wrong. University of Nottingham Students` Union have their very own Quidditch and Harry Potter society. They welcome everyone to play and enjoy the game with the only little tiny difference they don`t have brooms and they don`t fly on them πŸ™‚


When it comes to transport Nottingham is really on the top. Public transport has amazing quality. Especially trams running very efficiently around the city. Bus network is considered to be the largest one in the UK which makes people using less cars changing them for the public transport. When I saw the trams I was really surprised with the quality of the service provided. Very clean, very new, very fast.


I need to say that the very special thing about the city is its architecture. I loved strolling around and admiring all the beautiful buildings. They were really pretty.


Lovely mixture of styles especially the old ones which gave a special atmosphere to the city. In some areas feels like time has stopped and it won`t move any further which is great.


I had a lovely stay out there enjoying every single moment. Amazing, vibrant city worth going even for a while.



What did I actually see? The next post is on its way^^

What about you? Have you been to Nottingham before? If yes what was your experience like? If not what have you heard about the city? If you have any questions any ideas do not be sacred to ask πŸ˜› I really do appreciate your support. That`s super important to me. Thank you to all of you! Have a lovely day :*


2 thoughts on “NOTTINGHAM-what is so special about you?

  1. Hey, hey!!
    This post is amazingggg πŸ˜›
    Nottingham… It meet my ear but I haven’t known anything about that place up to today. Yeah. I’m stupid…
    Nottingham seems really nice and interesting. I want to go there!! Robin Hood, I think, is the best part of Nottingham. It’s funny! πŸ˜€ I was surprised when I read that students play there Quiddith – interesting πŸ˜€

    Everything is good, nice etc…
    I don’t understand it… HA HA πŸ˜€
    In the future, when you would go to an interesting place, please, take me with you, ha ha ha!! πŸ˜€



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