Unlimited food-where to eat when you are really hungry…🍕🍜🍤🍗

Hello everyone! I am back from Nottingham still trying to sort all the photos out ( I took soooooooooo many). When I finally organise myself you will be able to see a post about Nottingham but you need to wait a little bit more. I had a lovely weekend out there and I hope yours was awesome too. In this post you can find something for food lovers (like me  ^^).

 I love eating a lot. If I could work as a food tester that would be my dream job. Normally restaurants don`t serve really big portions of food. You order starter then main course and…you are still hungry. That`s definitely my problem and if it`s the cheap restaurant I don`t really mind ordering another meal but if I need to spend fortune on my food…well that`s not the thing I want to do.

Luckily one day someone clever had this great idea to open a buffet restaurant. That`s definitely my favourite type of restaurant of all. You pay once and you eat and eat and eat…as much as you want ( until your stomach is about to explode). Unlimited food…that`s the best thing in the world^^ Normally you can stay in the restaurant as much as you need but in some of them the time is limited for example max 2 hrs. Anyway I think it`s not bad at all.

Very recently I went to eat in 3 different places. All of them buffet restaurants.

THE FRESH PIZZA CO. Unlimited Italian buffet.

Sorry I don’t have any photo 😦

Take your sit order a drink and eat and eat and eat. When it comes to Italian food you can expect lots of pizzas and different kinds of pasta and that`s actually what it is. They offer many pizzas with different toppings: vegetarian versions or meaty ones. Pasta is plain so you can choose different sauces which they offer and prepare your meal however you want.

What is my opinion? Honestly… I wouldn`t go back in there. I didn`t like the food. For me pizza was very poor quality and I am not sure about its freshness if I had to choose the cheapest pizza from any supermarket I would be more happy and satisfied. The price was ok if you want to eat a lot without spending too much money but don`t expect anything special. For me the quality and variety of food was really poor. I think you can also order something from menu but I don`t really know what they offer. I tried buffet option so I can`t really say too much about the rest.


The best buffet I have ever been to so far. It`s not the cheapest one: around £20 but for the price you get it`s definitely worth it. The quality of food is brilliant. When you eat there you can tell that everything was freshly made.

Preto is very famous of their roasted meat. They have the special mechanism in the restaurant so if you are there the first time, don`t worry, they will explain you all the rules. Basically you sit down and the rest is up to you.

You can start with salads and vegetables from the bar or you can start from table service straight away. You will get a special disc and whenever you are ready just turn on the green side. Meat is amazing and they will bring everything to your table. You just choose which one you want. Obviously you can choose everything.

Lovely elegant and classic place. I am definitely going to be back very soon.

THAI BUFFET1490102939538 (1)

Very cheap buffet and I think for the price around £7/8 you can`t have any complaints. I think the food is pretty good. Maybe not the best in the world but I liked it. You can choose from hot&cold meals. The place is not too big so they don`t have that much to choose but still there is plenty to satisfy everyone. You can try curry chicken, noodles, roasted vegetables, beef and so on and so on. Salads and fresh vegetables are healthy option when it comes to cold food. At the end you can have dessert as fresh and dried fruits, coconut water, nuts.


When you check menu they add 10% extra to your bill for the service charge. Don`t be suprise when you need to pay a bit more. With the separate price you can also ask for freshly pressed juice or different variety of teas which honestly I have never heard about before. I took Red Date Logan Lotus and that was amazing. The best tea ever.

The other very important thing is the kitchen which is just in front of you so you can see everything what they do. For most of the people its quite crucial when it comes to hygiene. I feel much more secure when I can actually see the way the food is prepared. Probably not only me.

Don`t expect too much from this place because as I said before the food is tasty but not the greatest one. I was really happy after my visit there and I will come back to that place in the future.

The review is done and that`s my very honest opinion. You may agree or not but I am always happy to see your thoughts. If you were in any of these places let me know how was your experience or maybe you have your special buffet restaurants which are worth checking out. Have a very tasty day.


2 thoughts on “Unlimited food-where to eat when you are really hungry…🍕🍜🍤🍗

  1. Really nice post.
    Oh, you love eating… a lot of food!! 😀 I also like it, but only eating my beloved food, ha ha! For example I like spring rolls, pizza, chicken curry with basmati rice and… oh, I’m not going to write more things which I like cause this list would be very, very long… 😀

    All the best ❤
    Have a nice weekend!!


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