Challenge accepted!!!

1489443267913Good morning/afternoon/evening/night! Wherever you are based πŸ˜›Β Today something completely different. This lovely girl called Ann nominated me for a challenge on her blog: What is the challenge about? The rules are explained down below:


1. Answer all questions.

2. Give ten questions for your nominees.

3. Tag 1 to 10 people.


It just reminds me the time when I was a little girl and I had to answer all the questions in my friends` diaries. That was so much fun so I am really happy to accept the challenge and become the little girl once more (even for a while). Thank you Ann. Lets get started then!

What’s your favourite movie?

I love dance movies and actually I don`t really have a favourite one. I used to be obsessed with Step Up, Street Dance and Dirty Dancing watching it all over again.

What do you usually do with your best friend?Β 

I just hang out with them. No plan is a good plan. I think the most important thing is to have lots of fun and laughs no matter what we do.

If you get lost in an unknown country (you haven’t got your mobile and you can’t borrow any mobile from somebody) what will you do?

Probably I would just start talking to random people asking for help or advice.

Dog or cat?

If I could I would just keep both of them.

If you meet an unicorn in a magical forest what will you do, ha ha?

I would love to keep it with me.

What’s your favourite school subject?

I finished my school looooooooooooong time ago but I loved art classes. I always enjoyed creating and that was definitely my favourite one.

Winter or summer?

Definitely summer. Forever and ever.

Being a Maths teacher and doing lots of tests (you must check them in a day) or being a Science teacher and having contact with bugs etc.?

I simply hate bugs and insects so I think I don`t have any choice in here. Maths…

What’s your favourite sport?

I enjoyed playing football when I was younger but now I feel like I am not into any sport at all. If I could choose dancing that would be my sort of sport thing.

Roses or tulips?

Roses. Red roses. They are so beautiful.

All 10 all done! That was fun πŸ™‚ Thanks Ann!Β  I was thinking about the next person to nominate and there is nothing saying that I can`t send it back soooooooo … Ann get ready for another 10 questions Β ^^ That will help you to practice your English as well. Enjoy!

  1. What style would you choose? Comfortable or elegant?

  2. Living in a big city or the countryside?

  3. If you could choose your dream holiday destination without worrying about money and expenses where would you go?

  4. Salad or burger?

  5. Imagine you have a time machine. Where would you go?

  6. Which one describes you best? Movie&sofa or book&cup of tea?

  7. Mountains or seaside?

  8. If you could have a magic power what would it be?

  9. You must accept a challenge from your friend but she gives you a choice. Either you will dance or sing in front of many people ( without any preparation) What would you choose?

  10. Extremely hot summer or freezing winter?

Obviously if you want to answer some of the questions or even all of them feel free to do so. I would be super happy to read the answers πŸ™‚ See you very soon :*


3 thoughts on “Challenge accepted!!!

  1. Yay! ^^ You’ve done it. I’m happy πŸ˜‰
    Facts about you are amazing!
    If I have some time, I’ll answer the questions. Maybe, I’ll do it in this weekend πŸ™‚

    Have a nice dayyyyy! ❀


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