Allied- love and the war…


2 days ago I went to the cinema so I thought maybe I can share my experience ^^  If you want to see a good movie definitely check this one out. Obviously I am talking about `Allied` as in the title. 

I am not really sure if they still play it in the cinemas. I think a release date in the UK was at the end of November so it`s quite long time . Luckily I was able to see it on a big screen on Wednesday so maybe you can be lucky too. I am not the movie expert nor any movie critic at all but I really loved that one.

War time, difficult love, difficult time. Maybe it sounds boring but you will be surprised at the very end. You may expect completely different ending but I am not going to spoil it.  Some of the scenes were pretty amazing and I must say they did a great job. Well, even if you are not really into war movies maybe you will change your mind as the main role is played by famous, handsome and charming…Brad Pitt.

I was checking the profit the movie made and the numbers are incredible. Only the first weekend after release it earned more than 12,7 m US dollars. Probably I wasn’t the only person who really liked it. Honestly I do recommend watching it, you may love it too.  Have a good weekend because it`s FRIDAAAAAAAAAAY!



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