Street Art in London 🎨 ✔️


London is an amazing city and has definitely endless opportunities. Everyday could be different and there is no option to see everything even for our entire life! But…sometimes we get bored of doing same things over and over again especially visiting museum, checking new exhibitions and going to the same places to have a dinner or meet some friends.


Last time I got to the point  when I felt  that I really want to do something special and different. I started searching some info in the Internet and I encountered lots of places which organise tours in London. You might think: `boring` but believe me it`s not the thing what only tourists do. Obviously if you are a tourist and you are happy to know a bit more about London that option is for you as well. I am sure no matter if you are a tourist or a Londoner you will find perfect tour for yourself.


These people have amazing knowledge about the areas or topics they are explaining. There is no book or video which can explain better than actually being in that place and being able to see everything. All these tourist guides are very passionate about the job they do so believe me they won`t give you that boring info which makes you run away after 5 min. They make it in a very interesting and easily accessible way as they would be having chat with their best friends. I am not a type of person who is into dates, events and boring facts. No! No! That`s why I truly recommend London tours because these people know what they do! Honestly I was extremely happy.


I can understand sometimes our budget is very low or we don’t really want to spend any money. No worries! During my research I found the company called: Strawberry Tours and most of their tours are free of charge. The idea of the company is to satisfy all the needs customers have. It`s free but most of the people tip a tour guide. It`s totally up to you if you want to pay or not. Obviously they would really appreciate if you tip them ( thats their job) but there is no pressure at all.


I like art things that`s why I chose London Street Art tour. I was super satisfied and surprised how tallented people can be. Each graffiti and picture has own story and meaning which was explained during our tour. I really enjoyed it because after that I had a bit different point of view when it comes to graffiti and street art. Very worth doing so 🙂


Brick Lane place is really cool but maybe you know some other places like that ^^ I will definitely search for some more. Have a lovely weekend!


10 thoughts on “Street Art in London 🎨 ✔️

      1. Oh, I want to visit London! 😍

        Btw, today, during the English lesson, I have a presentation about Brighton and I got a six!! 😂❤


  1. Thanks for sharing the tour with us Caroline. You sound so excited and enthusiastic in making these discoveries. Bet you bring Sunshine to London😀 The artwork is really beautiful.


  2. Been meaning to come back to this post for days. OK, they are awesome pictures! I am leaving the M25 later this year, and good street art is something I am going to miss!

    One of my faves is still the giant fox in North London, somewhere near Wood Green shopping centre I think.


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