Shrove Tuesday ☕️🍫🍯 Pancake Day


Just few days ago I wrote a post about Fat Thursday in Poland. It`s the last day before the lent when you can actually  eat as much as you want without controlling yourself. In Poland Thursday but in UK…Tuesday. Shrove Tuesday more known as a Pancake Day is exactly the same thing as Fat Thursday with the only small difference that instead of doughnuts people eat lots of lots of…PANCAKES!

     Supermarkets offer wide variety of ready pancakes or special mixtures which you can use at home and most of the restaurants and cafes prepare very special menu for that day. I think everyone loves pancakes. That day kids are delighted when they can have pancakes for breakfast, lunch and tea. The most popular ones are with chocolate spread, maple syrup or lemon&sugar. Normally people prefer to eat sweet pancakes that day but obviously you can choose the savoury version as well because possibilities are endless.

     I wanted to go to a nice place which could serve me some yummy pancakes but unfortunately I did not find enough time after my looooooooong day at work. But it`s never too late so I will definitely go somewhere during the weekend ^^  I had my pancakes at home and I think they were not too bad (first photo above) 😛

PS. I think I ate too many…

And how was your Tuesday? Did you manage to eat some?



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