ENG 🇬🇧 What is Fat Thursday? 🍩🍩🍩


Last Thursday was very caloric for me. Why do I say so? As some of you know I come from Poland and yesterday Polish people had very specific and yummy day in their country. We celebrated Fat Thursday. Maybe it does not sound very good and catchy but believe me for the majority of us it is definitely the most favourite day in the whole year (especially for kids).

What is actually Fat Thursday about? I could say it is an equivalent of Shrove Tuesday in UK. But instead of pancakes we eat… DOUGHNUTS. Yes! Lots of lots of doughnuts. Who doesn`t like them?! However we don`t end up eating only doughnuts. Obviously they are first on our must eat list but in most of the places people also make or buy angel wings which are traditional sweet pastry. If that is not enough we can always have some cakes, cookies and other sweet treats enjoying them all together with friends and family members.

I think nowadays its all about eating and enjoying food however long time ago it had a special meaning and symbol which probably is all forgotten now or only a few people know about it. It started in the ancient times when people wanted to say goodbye to winter and celebrate beginning of the spring. Fat Thursday is definitely Catholic Christian feast giving last opportunity to enjoy food and have fun before Easter and its fast. People just forget about counting and checking all the calories simply enjoying their food.

Believe me, each year in Poland doughnut craziness is definitely increasing . According to the questionnaire taken the day before Fat Thursday it is estimated that Polish people would probably buy and eat around 100.000.000 doughnuts in that day! Really that`s insane!

Bakeries are getting ready days before just to make sure everyone could buy and get doughnuts. Its definitely the busiest day in the whole year and all the bakers have very challenging tasks to do. People believe that the more they eat that day the more good luck and prosperity will be waiting for them. Lets say 1 doughnut =1 year of happiness. Is it that true? I don`t know but eating doughnuts will definitely make you happy on the actual day.

I would say children have the most fun of all of that. They can really enjoy it that day without worrying about limits and amount of treats they can eat. Fat Thursday allows you to eat as much as you need or want. Sounds pretty cool isn`t it? 

The doughnuts are baked night before so all the supermarkets, bakeries and shops have them fresh in the morning. If you are an early bird and you buy them quite early you can be pretty sure they will be still nice and warm. The variety of fillings is endless. You can have so many options like jam, chocolate, custard, toffee, caramel…whatever you fancy.

Last year I managed to eat 10 doughnuts which I think is a pretty good score. Yesterday I didn`t really have time to go and buy any special ones. All I had was a small Tesco near my place so I got tiny doughnuts and croissants to have them with my cup of coffee. This year I was celebrating a bit differently but with the same fun and enjoyment. Its all about being happy and the idea of eating doughnuts all day long its good enough to make your day.

I did a small research on feasts similar to our Fat Thursday and it happened to be that actually many countries have their own way of doing so. For example in Greece people eat lots of grilled meat, in Spain typical pastries called bizcocho and mona, in France pancakes known as crepes suzette and I found out that Russia does not celebrate only 1 day but entire week! The addition in most of the countries are costumes and parades where people enjoy the last days of carnival.

My Fat Thursday is finished but I am excitedly waiting for Shrove Tuesday swapping my doughnuts for pancake feast. And what about you? Do you have a special way of celebrating last days of carnival? Let me know in comments down below. If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them. Have a good weekend!


2 thoughts on “ENG 🇬🇧 What is Fat Thursday? 🍩🍩🍩

  1. On Fat Thursday all Polish shops had a lot of doughnuts…!
    I ate only 2 doughnuts 😦 But my mum made faworki (I dunno that in English we use the same word which we use in Polish language…) and I ate a lot of them! My mum’s faworki are THE BEST! ❤


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