HOUSE OF MINALIMA- Harry Potter Heaven ✨ βš‘


I am sure everyone knows or at least heard about Harry Potter. I remember being in primary school reading one book after another. I didn`t want to go anywhere I didn`t want to meet anyone all I wanted to do was get to know what happened next with Harry Potter spending hours and hours turning pages over and over. Some of you may know what I mean so if you do you we have definitely something in common.

I am pretty good at researching new places or hidden gems so the place called HOUSE OF MINALIMA is one of them. If you are Harry Potter freak that`s the place for you! Don`t worry you don`t need to be obsessed with Harry Potter to go there. The entrance is for free and everyone is welcomed. Have you seen any of H.P movies? I am sure you did! When you go there you will be delighted to see all these amazing things from the actual movie.



The place is super busy so if you are planning to go there on the weekend don`t be suprise to wait in the queue outside. It has 4 floors but the rooms are very small so they don`t let too many people at the same time. Just when you enter on the ground floor you have small souvenir shop where you can buy lots of Harry Potter related things. Posters, notebooks, postcards, badges, books and so and and so on. Maybe some of you have heard about the newest book of J.K.Rowling called `Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them`. I haven`t seen a movie nor read a book so I can`t say too much about it but as I know some of my friends simply love that one too. If you have any experience with `Fantastic Beasts…` you can also buy some souvenirs from HOUSE OF MINALIMA world.


When I enter to the place I was given a special leaflet of the entire exhibition so you can check the list of things they have on each floor. It makes your life much easier because you can choose the one you are interested in instead of looking for something without knowing where. Obviously I wanted to see every corner so I did not miss any single bit in there.


I actually don`t have a favourite one because I loved so many things from there. The place is very special too. They chose very old building with wooden stairs so when you go up the stairs you can hear this funny creaky noise.Β 

1.jpgI really wanted to buy the Marauder`s Map which I saw in exhibition. It looked really cool but unfortunately they didn`t have any copy for sale. I didn`t give up so instead I got a postcard actually even 2: the first one was a Marauder`s Map ( maybe its not the same as a original one but still fine) and the other one: Hogwarts acceptance letter. I saw an oyster card case which I dont have so I thought that could be quite useful. Obviously you can put any document in there as ID card, driving licence whatever you have and the front print is really great. Looks like the famous ticket for platform 9 ¾. I went back home with a big grin on my face. Despite this horrible rainy dark day I was super happy. That`s definitely magic. ✨ ✨ ✨


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