Brand New LEGO Store London


Finally, finally, finally I was able to go there. The store was opened in November last year so I would say quite recently. It`s the biggest LEGO store in the world so…as you can imagine everyone wants to see it which means…enormous queues every single day. We are in February now and the weather is pretty bad so believe me standing half an hour in the rain and cold is not the best thing to do. I don`t really know how but I actually managed to do that and despite horrible weather condition I entered to LEGO heaven.

Probably or even for sure I had way more fun to be there than most of the kids. I had a funny feeling that actually we-grown ups enjoy LEGO much more. Maybe LEGO was designed for little ones but in my opinion it`s definitely not their thing. I could spend hours and hours using these amazing colourful blocks moving to LEGO world in seconds. Maybe the size of the store is not as big as I expected to be but still this place is wonderful!

How amazing isΒ having a jobΒ in such a cool place. No wonder all the workers are super helpful and definitely if you have any questions I bet they would be happy to answer them all. Just when you enter you can see enormous Big Ben entirely made out of LEGO blocks. I would say it`s the most popular and biggest attraction in this place. The first thing which crossed my mind was:

β€œWoooooow! I wonder how many LEGO blocks they used to build it and how many people they needed and how much time it took to finish all”.

Tadadaddam! I have all these questions answered! Thanks to very kind people in there I didn`t even have to do any research in the Internet. LEGO experts are everywhere πŸ™‚ To finish this masterpiece which you can see down below they needed team of 15 people working so hard for entire month using 400.000 LEGO blocks! Sounds incredible and it is incredible.


When you climb up the stairs you can see a great big image of London entirely made out of……..LEGO! Yes! That was definitely my favourite one. So colourful and so amazing. I was literally staring at this place and couldn`t hide my excitement. I felt like a child who came to the favourite shop to get a favourite toy. Great feeling πŸ˜›


Another really amazing thing is LEGO mosaic. What is that? You just take a photo of yourself or any other person you want and this clever machine converts your imagine into a LEGO one. You can actually build your own self out of LEGO blocks. Isn`t that amazing? The question is how much we need to spend to get one of these. I think you will have to pay around Β£100 and it`s definitely something very special to have. So if you have Β£ 100 and still don`t know what to do with that money then you have an answer: get a LEGO portrait.

Sometimes shopping with children could be very challenging. Don`t worry not in here. If you want to keep you child occupied just show them these little LEGO tables where they can sit and play as much as they want…and…you can carry on shopping.


If you don`t want to buy a particular LEGO set don`t worry. You can use PICK&BUILD wall and choose only these LEGO parts which you actually want. Any colour, any shape totally up to you.


My visit in there was definitely very pleasant. I had so much fun strolling around being surrounded by LEGO blocks everywhere. I will definitely come back in a very near future.

I took lots of photos as always so I am happy to share them with you. I hope you will enjoy it! If you were in any LEGO related places let me know. Maybe you can share some photos too. See you soon!














6 thoughts on “Brand New LEGO Store London

  1. Oh, it’s an amazing place!!
    I’d like to visit it but I think that I must wait a long time… Britain is quite far from Poland and I think I won’t go to London in my childhood 😦 By the way, how old are you (sorry, that I’m asking)?
    When I was younger, me and my brother had a lot of LEGO (we still have it πŸ˜€ ), and we almost everyday built something πŸ™‚ We have two huge boxes where we keep our LEGO blocks. I think they were amazing toys, I long for my brother’s and mine plays… they were fantastic πŸ˜‰


      1. Wow! Are you 25? I thought you’re younger, you have about 14-17 years πŸ˜‚ I’m only 13 so you are older than me over 10 years, wow πŸ˜…
        Never mind, it isn’t very important how old are we, they’re only the numbers πŸ˜‰
        I must tell you that your blog is fantastic!! I love it 😘


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