When it rains…🌧️☂️⚡

     10.jpg     I hate getting wet and walking in the rain is not my thing at all (especially this time of the year). What do I usually do? Well, the first thing is staying indoors but where exactly…?

     Normally I choose museums and London has one of the greatest museums in the world. Their collections are really, really, really impressive. You won`t get wet and you will educate yourself ^^ There are also plenty other options when the weather is not very inspiring.

-☕ 📖 I love libraries and coffee shops where you can chill and relax listening to the peaceful music in the background. In my case book or hot chocolate is always a good way to make my day better.

🎨 🎥 Also art galleries or cinemas are good places to hide from a rain. I think most of the people love watching movies and idea of seeing the newest production on a big screen  doesn`t sound bad at all. Art galleries are always a good way to get an extra bit of culture and expand our knowledge on different topics.

👜 shopping centers. Who doesn`t like buying things. Going there is like a heaven for shopaholics and everything is indoors so don`t worry about the bad weather.

-🍴 🍜 restaurants – I love eating so this option always works for me. I am always happy to try new things and places so any reason is a good reason to explore a bit more when it comes to food.

     Last few days were not the best ones. Lots of rain and dark clouds. I was depressively sitting at home watching some telly and stuffing myself with chocolate treats but finally I said…enough! What`s the point of staying at home and doing completely nothing if I can actually go to the MUSEUM! And I did… 


   Victoria & Albert Museum is a really  great one and even though I have been there thousands of times I always come back and explore new things.

     My last choice was architecture and glass. I like taking my time so I literally spent 3 hrs checking only 2 of them which were not even that big. Anyway it was well worth it. I love checking every single detail like colours materials and techniques used to make them so basically it takes ages for me to see anything. If you are so much into details like me and have never been there before definitely book a whole day to see most of it. The museum is free of charge so it`s another good reason to go there ^^

I took some photos as well so I hope you will enjoy it like I did 😀



6-114-14-29.jpg6 (2).jpg8 (1).jpg8 (2).jpgAND ARCHITECTURE:


That was my special list with ideas what to do when it rains. Do you have any tricks to make your day happier? Let me know so maybe I can add few ideas to mine 🙂 Have a lovely not rainy weekend. ☔✖


11 thoughts on “When it rains…🌧️☂️⚡

  1. Nice post 🙂
    I also hate when it rains – it’s terrible!
    I like museums like you, I love learn new things 😉

    All the best!! ❤

    PS You' ve written in "ABOUT" that you are Polish. Do you really come from Poland? 🙂


  2. Oh, that’s surprise!! 😀 I’m Polish too!! And I live in Poland.
    I love reading blogs in English (I also have one) and I visit your blog by chance! 😉
    (Powinnam mówić do Ciebie po polsku czy po angielsku?? 😂)

    Sorry, if I made any mistakes – I’m good at English but I’m not perfect like you!


  3. Oh, thank you!! 😊

    Btw, can you visit my blog? I write it in English and it is about Engkish-speaking countries. I’ll show it my English teacher cause I want to have a six for semester final grade and my teacher told me I must do a lot of “English things”. I took a part in competition almost a week ago, I have sixes and fives from tests and quizzes, I’m active during lessons, I read books in English, I do extra homework… etc. 😉 I will be so happy if you sometimes visit my blog and post comments or (if you have Google account) follow it. I will be very grateful ☺

    Love from Poland!! ❤


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