5 days & 5 places to eat or not in London 🍽

I was kind of busy recently but…busy with eating. I thought I may share with you my experience about these 5 different places. Is it worth going there or not? Just read below and check some photos as well 🙂

1 MOMO 🍵


momo2.jpgmomo3.jpgmomo4Moroccan restaurant. I can simply say OMG! That place is just amazing. Not only a food is super tasty but the decoration in there actually sends you to Morocco. I spent there 3hrs! And believe me I didn`t want to leave. I felt like I am actually in different country enjoying every single piece of my food…even bread. As a tea lover I think Moroccan tea which they serve in there is HEAVEN and it`s limitless ^^ Definitely my favourite place and it needs to be on your must see list when it comes to restaurants in London. I am just planning my next visit. Completely in love 😍



Italian chocolate shop. I don`t really mean that you can go there and the only that you can get is a chocolate bar… NO NO NO. They sell super delicious ice creams, chocolate sweets and a proper hot chocolate. I love drinking hot chocolate but in most of the places hot chocolate shouldn`t even be called hot chocolate. If you like nice thick one made of a real chocolate then VENCHI is the place. Really you won`t be disappointed because actually that`s the only place in London which satisfied me with my hot chocolate…so far. Probably lots more to discover but for today that is my number 1. When it comes to ice creams they are also very nice. The flavours were actually the ones I expected even my cappuccino scoop was so much into coffee. Yuuummmmm 😋


doctor espresso.jpeg

Italian again but this time a coffee shop with very special atmosphere. It`s nothing like the Café Nero where everything inside is so boring and plain. DOCTOR ESPRESSO has very messy style (in a good meaning) which make people feel very comfortable in there. You can find everything in there: books, antiques, toys, old kitchen equipment and so on and so on. Really lovely place with a nice peaceful music in the background. Ideal place when you feel tired or simply want to enjoy your coffee in Italian style. What about food? Well, it`s quite interesting because they offer very different things comparing to any other coffee shops. You can have green croissant or peanut butter brownie. Many things look very healthy and I think they have gluten free products as well. When I ordered my chocolate cake it tasted like the one my mum would bake for me. They served it on the big plate with chocolate decoration, fresh strawberry and cream on the side…it looked like dessert from 5* hotel. Very nice experience.

PS Sorry my cake is half eaten (I couldn`t resist) and the photo is a bit blurry



pacata 2.jpgpacata3.jpgpacata4.jpgThai restaurant. I was really hungry that day and I had to wait quite a long time to get my food but…it was worth it. Normally I don`t like spicy food because I am just simply crying when it burns my tongue. Because the waiter recommended me chilli prawns I decided to give it a go. It was very very delicious and believe me super spicy. I loved the flavour of my meal and despite shedding my tears I didn`t want to leave any single bit of my food. After finishing my prawns I drank lots of water but I realised I am still hungry. The only problem with this restaurant is portions are quite small and paying for kind of starter around £10 it`s quite expensive. Definitely worth trying but if you are really hungry and don`t want to spend too much money on food then it`s not the best place to go. I always pay attention to the decoration in places which I visit. Pacata is the place with very interesting one. Everywhere you go you can actually spot the small details which make a smile on your face. I loved the idea of cork map of the world hanging on the wall with lots of photos pinned to it. Great idea!


la chandelle 1.jpg

la chandelle2.jpgla chandelle 4.jpgla chandelle 3.jpgIf you think it`s a French restaurant you are wrong like I was! When I came in with my friends we realised we were the only people in there. That was very suspicious but we decided to stay anyway…and that was a mistake. The offer was very limited. They had only 2 types of pizza, maybe 2 types of pasta, soup of the day, fish and chips and I think a burger. I took a special offer which was very good: less than £10 and I had a pizza and a soup. My tomato soup was quite good, I liked the basil flavour so I think it was freshly made but my pizza……….oil, oil, oil. I had to order a hot cup of tea because I got stomach ache after eating so much oil. The excessive amount of barbecue sauce really made me sick just smelling it. Waiter was really nice and friendly but that`s the only plus of this place. I won`t come there ever again.

If you have any places in your mind that are worth putting on my `must go` list let me know. I love trying new things and visiting cool places. Have a super tasty week!!!


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