`Inferno` book 📖 vs movie 🎞️


     Yesterday I finished reading my `Inferno` book written by Dan Brown. I love all of his books  and I think he is a pure genius. The way he writes is incredible and even if you think reading is boring definitely not with him.

      I was really lucky today because I found out  that it is actually the last day in the cinema when the movie is on. I thought why not? I just finished my book so would be great to compare these 2 and I did. I was really curious how they are going to make it because book was very detailed with lots of twists and turns. It`s really amazing how our imagination works when we read because when I saw a movie everything what I imagined was different.

What is my feeling about the movie?

     Well, I was a bit disappointed. The story was told in a really brief way and action was changing all the time so I had the feeling that everything is happening too fast. I kind of imagine how difficult is creating a story having only 2 hrs when a book has around 500 pages. The other thing is:the movie was very different than the original story so the ending was completely not the one I expected.

My verdict:

     I will always choose a book. As many times as I was watching a movie comparing it to a book, the book was always number 1. Even in this case it was 100000% better than a movie so if you don`t really know what to start with definitely get a book. You can always watch it later.

So people: READ BOOKS! You won`t regret it.  📚  👍 👍

     Are you reading any books at the moment? Maybe your choice is worth sharing ^^I am actually thinking what will be my next book. Any suggestions? Let me know as I am always happy when you share things with me 🙂 Night Night 🌙


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