Primark addict 👚👜👢

After my last visit in Westfield I decided to continue my shopping spree. Having Primark really near by always makes me pop in there even for a while… but… I actually never leave without buying anything. I am a proper Primark addict. Probably most of the clothes I posses are actually from there. It`s not only cheap but also fashionable.  I could say Primark is made for everyone`s pocket and even when your salary is not the best ( like mine) you will definitely find something nice which you can afford. I don`t really like spending too much money on clothes because … they are just clothes! I wouldn`t complain about the quality of things they sell because for the price they offer is actually  very good.Well, everyone has their own favourites and Primark is definitely my number one…and the best section of all: REDUCTIONS%%%%%%

Look what I`ve found this time ^^..

I am actually wearing them in here so you can see how it looks on me instead of a hanger. Sorry for the poor quality of photos but I am planning to get a new equipment very soon…📸

Number 1 👚 Glitter jumper.

I think you can wear it on any occasion. It`s elegant and comfortable. Lovely maroon colour. Reduced from £10 to only £5!!!!!


Number 2 🎒 Rucksack.

I needed it since a loooong time ago but I couldn`t really find the one I like. It looks just perfect to me and this pompon attached to it is really cool. Nice navy blue but they also sell it in green. Finally I don`t have to complain that my handbag is too small. I paid £10 and unforunately it wasn`t reduced. I don`t think it will beacuse they were just `disappearing` from the shelves…so hurry up if you want one.


Number 3 👕 Sweatshirt.

It`s so nice and warm and a gentle blue colour looks really good. Very comfortable and keeps you nice, cosy and warm. Perfect for this weather.  £5 and it`s the actual price without reductions. They sell it in various colours and different prints on it but I prefered the plain one.


Number 4 👚 Cardigan.

I normally don`t like animal patterns but this one looks quite ok. Only  £3 pounds so why not. Very soft in touch. Definitely not for the cold days because is super thin.


I think that`s all. I was leaving Primark with a big grin on my face ( as always).   Let me know if you like any of my purchases. Have you bought anything recently which made you happy? Have a good night! 🌙 💤💤💤


7 thoughts on “Primark addict 👚👜👢

  1. Oh, I bought nice things 😉
    For me the best is the jumper and the sweatshirt.
    I’d like to go to Primark but we haven’t that shop in Poland 😦 Maybe one day I will go to there in England 😉
    I think that England is cheaper than Poland, eg. you paid for a glitter jumper only 5 pounds, in Poland something like that costs about 60 zloty. Do you have similar opinion to me?

    Have a nice weekend!! ❤


    1. I always have solution 😀 If you go to the second hand shop you might find great clothes for little money. Most of them come from UK including top brands. If you don`t mind second hand clothes that option would work very well. Good luck!


  2. In fact, I like second-hand shops 😂 We can buy there really nice clothes, some of them are new! If I have time I go to second-hand shops 😅 I’m not poor or something like that, but I think that in that kind of shops we can buy interesting clothes! Near my house there is shop like that and there are very nice and cheap clothes. About three weeks ago I bought therea lot of clothes e.g. a nice black coat for autumn or warm winter (only 2 zloty!!), a grey sweatshirt with cats imprints 🐱 (8 zloty) or pink pyjama bottoms with dog-unicorns 🐶, stars ⭐ and rainbow 🌈 imprints – they’re so cute!! 😍
    You’re right, a second hand shop is a good idea if we want to buy nice but cheap thing 😆


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