I hate Mondays…

     I really don`t like Mondays but luckily we are heading towards Tuesday now. Weekend is over and it went really quick. As I said before I wanted to have a nice relaxing one without planning and rushing myself anywhere…that`s why I ended up in Westfield!


It`s a big shopping centre located in West and East London where you can easily find most of the top brands. The end of January and…sales, sales, sales everywhere. 50% off 70% off or even more. If you want to find a good offer that`s the time. I would actually say it`s the end of sales so prices are really, really reduced. Maybe it`s not that much to choose from now (like at the beginning of sales) but definitely worth checking out…Westfield is huuuuuge so I am pretty sure you won`t come home empty handed.


Shopping could be tiring too but luckily there are many lovely places to sit down and grab something delicious to eat. Despite the enormous queue in TORTILLA ( Mexican restaurant) I got my food quite quickly which really satisfies me. I was staaaarving so the vision of me waiting 30 minutes for a meal when my stomach is rumbling badly wasn`t the thing I wanted. I can say well done to the team because that was never ending queue. I enjoyed my burrito as always. It`s cheap and makes you full. For those who  have never been there  before you basically choose a size and ingrediens to put in your wrap. You can create your very own burrito which is really great as you prepare a meal according to your preferences. I always go for a burrito but obviously that`s not the only thing they have. If you are vegetarian you will definitely get the right food as they will substitute meat for something else. I really love that place you can eat quickly and tasty ^^


After lunch is time for dessert! Yes! I was really craving for something nice, sweet and cold. Maybe winter is not the best season for an ice cream but well… for me ice creams are always great on any ocassion. I tried a gelato in WAFFLEMEISTER but I was very disappointed. Not only the price was too high ( 1 scoop around £2.50) but also the flavour and consistency wasn`t right. I dont mind paying even £5  for an ice cream when is really good but that one wasn`t worth the price. It was very waterlike which made it melt very quick and the flavour of mango and raspberry which I took was gone because of such big amount of sugar. It looked very good but that`s it. I wouldn`t come back to that place (definitely not for ice creams). At least I have a good photo of my not so perfect gelato 🙂

And… how was your weekend? Did you do something incredibly worth sharing? I would love to know! Have a good beginning of the week 😀


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