🇬🇧 Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!


    I think in my first post in here would be great or even necessary if I introduce myself. Who is Caroline then?

     I am a Polish girl living in London enjoying every single day ( even when it rains). Opening this blog took me lots of time. I wasn`t sure how I want to do it or even where to start. I need to say that my computing skills are really close to 0% however I managed to do everything BY MYSELF ^^ which makes me super proud.

     What should I say about the main niche in this blog? Hmmm… I had many problems to decide what is the main idea of this blog because I like soooooooo many things. I love drawing, travelling, dancing, eating, reading and so on and so on, my list is pretty long that`s why I chose…EVERYTHING! I thought why should I follow all the patterns and stick to only one thing…it`s not what I want to do. My first thought was: `Ok this will be a travel blog` but then what about other things I wanted to share with you? The final decision was made and I decided to do the blog about everything and nothing. Just very relaxing and easy one so everyone can find something in here.

      I will try my best to entertain you here and I hope reading my posts will be a pleasure and I would  be able to help you or give you an advice. Just to add one more thing: It`s my first blog ever so I still don`t really know what I am doing. Enjoy and I hope you will like it! See you very soon.


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